Coastal grandmother table setting

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  1. Lovely tablescape. However, I feel that the antique dining room set and buffet do not fit the theme of Coastal Grandmother – it is too fussy. Coastal should be more modern and “airy”. This furniture, unfortunately, is too heavy and ornate for the look.

    1. Thank you for letting me know you like the tablescape. You’re correct about my antique dining set in that it doesn’t fit the coastal grandmother vibe, but it was my Nana’s set that I inherited, and it’s what she chose many years ago. It’s also why I didn’t mention the dining set in my post. I just talked about how to create a coastal grandmother table setting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

  2. I love the Coastal Grandmother look! (I’m not a grandmother either!). The aqua and teal are so pretty! Thanks for the instructions on the fishing floats. I am going to have to make some!

    I hope you have a great Fourth of July weekend!

    1. Cynthia,
      You’re SO kind. Thank you! Have a wonderful 4th, too!

  3. Carol Lemke Rowe says:

    Your dining set reminds me of the chairs we have from my niece’s grandmother, which my sister discovered upstairs in her house when she moved after 46 years, Unfortunately, the table didn’t survive, and the China cabinet/hutch was too heavy to move (we’re 74 & 75 years old!), but I’m in the middle of reupholstering the chairs. They are Broyhill and I think from about 1920’s or 30’s. I’m glad to see you didn’t paint yours white and distressed. Set is beautiful!

    1. Hey Carol~ Thank you for sharing about your niece’s grandmother’s chairs. Sounds like a great find. Unfortunately, I don’t know the maker of my dining set. There aren’t any noticeable markings, so they might not even be a true set. I understand my Nana purchased it from a storage auction ages ago. I’ve no plans to paint it but will be reupholstering the chairs.

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