Simple St. Patrick's Day Tablescape

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  1. This is so fun! I love a good theme to decorate around. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Darlene Gardner says:

    That tablecloth is the best! As someone who cross stitches, I have an idea how long it took the stitcher to do this – a real work of love. The simplicity of your Tablescape is perfect .

    1. Darlene, thank you for sharing. It’s so nice to hear from someone that understands and appreciates the time this took for the stitcher to complete.

  3. The star of your table is, hands down, that gorgeous tablecloth. Congratulations on having inherited it! That makes it doubly special. A thoroughly delightful table!

    1. Yes, you are 100% correct. The tablecloth is the star of the table. Thank you for appreciating it.

  4. Cookie Shannon says:

    I’m the stitcher of the tablecloth worked on probably about 1963. I’m delighted that everyone appreciates it and the time it took to finish it. Nicole – so glad that Jane passed it on to you for a longer life. The St. Patrick’s table setting is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Thank you for making my day.

    1. Cookie ~ Thank you for the kind words. SO glad you love the tablescape! Its a gorgeous tablecloth and napkins ~ I’m honored to own it. Thank you!!

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