Setting a Pretty Table for Your Girlfriends pink and white table

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  1. Claire Bolding says:

    Great advice! This set up is cute.

  2. I absolutely love this table setting. I have so much milk glass – I’ll have to try this out!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I love milk glass vases.

  3. SO beautiful Nicole – your simple pink and white is lovely and so feminine. Your girlfriends must have felt so special, especially with those darling friendship bracelets/napkin rings/place cards! Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m inspired by your Target and vintage finds too. Hope you have a great day and Happy Weekend!

    1. Barbara ~ Hope you too have a great weekend! And thank you for the lovely comments. I appreciate it.

  4. Love this color combo, Nicole. And the milk glass adds so much charm. Your friends must love an invite to your home :)

    1. Rachelle ~ You are SO kind. Thank you for the nice compliments.

  5. Pretty table Nicole – love the pink and white! Your milk glass collection is lovely and I’ll bet the girlfriends loved their friendship bracelets.

    1. Kim ~ thank you ~ my girlfriends did love their bracelets.

  6. Brilliant simply brilliant, you are so clever

  7. I really love this, Nicole! It’s so pretty! Your guests must have felt so special! What a memorable day for everyone!

    1. Julie ~ SO glad you love it! Thank you for letting me know.

  8. A beautiful feminine table setting. I think it’s perfect for a girlfriends luncheon and I love that idea!

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